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Wood Borer


Wood Borer Control Service In Hyderabad

The term “tree borer” encompasses several different types of wood-boring beetles. Wood borers are harmful to wood insects that invade and destroy structural and furniture wood on the basis of wood quality and content of moisture. Every house or business built of natural wood is at risk for infestations with wood borers.

Treatment of wood-boring beetles is a professional task and needs a detailed inspection.

When established, we are using special syringes to inject wood preservatives into the wood borers’ wooden holes in order to counter the infestation of wood borers in wooden mobilization. We spray these chemicals which contain an oil base for further damage prevention. Treatment of timbers to remove borer infestation is the same for whichever species is present. You must treat any wood with solvent-based insecticidal bored fluid. We provide some of the best wood borer pest control and management services in Hyderabad.

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Wood Borer:

With the help of our efficient workforce, we are capable of providing the clients with wood borer treatment services. Powder post Beetles, also known as Wood Borders are similar to other insects that equally destroy the wood. The main sign of the affected area is the yellowish powder falling from there, where the organism. For treating these, we inject the chemical into the wood and pour through a hole that is highly effective in destroying the beetles.